City Academy Bristol is a vibrant, diverse and dynamic academy in the centre of Bristol. We will provide an inclusive and accessible education, transforming future opportunities for young people, their families and the community.

In its central setting, City Academy makes a unique contribution to Bristol, building on the present CLF system leadership and commitment in securing excellent education across the city that improves lives and places, in line with the strategic aims of Bristol’s Learning City, This is a well-positioned and well-connected Academy with direct connection to the Temple Quarter and key economic areas of east and central Bristol.

City Academy offers a contemporary, traditional curriculum that is both innovative and future proof. The curriculum design reflects our understanding of the diversity of the community and supports personalisation so that all learners are able to experience and achieve success that impacts positively on their futures, their families and the wider community. City Academy students develop multiple and transferable employability skills, which will enable sustainable futures and financial independence.

City Academy is ambitious and has sustainability, enterprise and employability at the core of all aspects of its design and delivery. The curriculum is designed and co-constructed to reflect the evolving needs of local and regional employers, higher education and businesses, providing an enabling and broad foundation for alumni to be and remain competitive in a national context.

The success of City Academy will be judged by its learners’ outcomes and by the quality and diversity of the workforce, its connectivity and contribution to the CLF, Bristol and beyond. This inspiring Academy will secure social and economic mobility for all students. The Academy will be good by the end of 2018.

The experience of students, parents and staff at City Academy is underpinned by a strong sense of equity and equality. We seek to remove any barrier to access, progress, participation, achievement and attainment. We will achieve this by providing a nurturing learning environment, where learning is encouraged both in and out of the academy via a range of structured and independent pursuits and aims to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relationships.

This vision for the Academy remains key and at the forefront of every decision made. It is built on Pride, Grit and Team Spirit.

Jon Angell, Principal