In Year 8 we offer students a broad curriculum allowing students to try lots of different subjects. English and Maths are taught for an hour every day. Each student also studies Science, Humanities and a Language so that they are well prepared and able to access the Ebacc. Students also study creative subjects on a rotation meaning they are able to learn Art, Product Design, Catering, Music and Drama. We are also able to offer students the opportunity to study other Modern Foreign Languages.

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Subject Hours Per Week Content
English 5 Students will go on a time travelling adventure exploring pre-1914 literature focusing on the importance of context and the intentions of the writer. There is the opportunity to explore the art of rhetoric and some of the greatest speeches made across time, including Martin Luther King’s. Students will study A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream and the construction of meaning through language. Year 8 allows students to continue to master skills, knowledge and understanding needed throughout their education.
Maths 5 Learners tackle a mastery curriculum which is designed to rigorously test skills that pupils will need as they move in to key stage 4. Pupils tackle questions that are designed to make them apply knowledge in unfamiliar contexts. Topics covered include decimals, shape, angles, the four operations, algebra basics, averages, fractions, presenting and analysing data.
Science 3 Year 8 are following the CAB Science mastery curriculum where depth of understanding is facilitated through stimulating practical work and regular demonstrate tasks. The 3 main sciences are covered in 4 modules of work. The topics include “Systems and exchange”, “Genetics and Inheritance”, “Earth Materials” and “Forces”. Through our demonstrate tasks and specific reflection time we give the opportunities for the students to master these topics before the final module assessment. The The Science Mastery curriculum in year 7 and 8 is designed to enable the students to access the New GCSE curriculum with confidence.
PE 2 Students complete a plethora of different sports that aim to promote healthy active lifestyles, team work, critical thinking, coaching, leadership and analysis.
Computer Science 1 Computer science is a core subject within key stage 3 at the academy.  Students study a variety of units which ensure they:

– Can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation

– Can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems

– Can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems

– Are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.

Geography 1 In year 7  Geography we learn: – Geography Skills, Ecosystems, Managing resources
History 1 The focus for year 8 history is ‘The world at war’ within which students will study three different periods of history.

Firstly, World War One where students examine the impact of the First World War for the people of Britain, including what life was like in the trenches.

Secondly, World War Two where students examine social, economic and political changes in pre-war Germany.

Finally, the Holocaust where students examine how people were affected by the Holocaust and different interpretations of the Holocaust.

Religious Education 1 Students progress to a thematic study of Religion, where the following are explored an evaluated from a range of religious and Humanist perspectives:

– Good and Evil – What is evil? Where does it come from? Are we born good or do we become good? The problem of evil. Religious responses to the problem of evil/

– Heroes – Students select ‘Heroes’ from a short list. They will study the ones they vote for. For each hero they study how they put their beliefs into action

– Life after Death – How do people respond to death? What do Christians, Muslims and Sikhs believe happens when we die? How can you live on after you die?

The last Module of the Year is Citizenship.

Spanish 1 The Spanish curriculum in Year 8 is designed to build upon their skills and knowledge from Year 7 and allow students to enhance their communicative ability through expressing personal interests. The emphasis is put on students developing spontaneity in the target language.

The topics covered are:

– Personal and family relationships
– Natural disasters and survival
– Music, sport and cinema
– Future plans and aspirations

Art/Product Design/Catering 1 Art: You will improve your knowledge of the work of a range of artists and develop your practical skills to create imaginative pieces for display

Design & Technology: You will improve your designing and practical skills through projects including 2D design and range of materials and processes

Catering: You will develop your knowledge of Health, Nutrition, Hygiene & Food Preparation and create a range of complex sweet and savoury dishes.

Music/Drama 1 Drama: Yr 8 students will be given an initial baseline assessment which looks at their practical knowledge and skill retention from Yr7. Students then begin exploring scripts and poems as stimuli to create thought-provoking meaningful drama. During the second half of the term the students will begin their theory based lessons looking at the various styles and forms of drama – a 1 hour assessment will be conducted at the end of this programme.
PSHE 1 In PSHE in year 8 the 3 core themes in PSHE will be explored in more depth, building on from what they learnt in year 7:

1. Health and wellbeing
2. Reletionships
3. Living in the Wider World