In Year 7 we offer students a broad curriculum allowing students to try lots of different subjects. English and Maths are taught for an hour every day. Each student also studies Science, Humanities and a Language so that they are well prepared and able to access the Ebacc. Students also study creative subjects on a rotation meaning they are able to learn Art, Product Design, Catering, Music and Drama. We are also able to offer students the opportunity to study other Modern Foreign Languages.

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Subject Hours Per Week Content
English 5 Students will read a wide variety of texts from different time periods and different genres. Literary texts range from The Canterbury Tales and Great Expectations to extracts from I am Malala and Refugee Boy. Students will engage in the highly emotive text Private Peaceful and find themselves transported back in time when exploring Shakespeare. The mastery curriculum allows students to pursue skills until they are achieved ensuring that a high level of success is achieved.
Maths 5 Pupils are exposed to a mastery curriculum which is designed to look at key topics in great depths to give pupils the tools to tackle any mathematical problem they may encounter in Key Stage 4. The topics in year 7 are place value, the four operations, time, fractions, negative numbers, angles, shape, averages and algebraic foundations. Pupils will have been shown these topics before but our curriculum is designed to make sure we push the very top end and ensure that they are not just competent but masters of the cornerstones of mathematics.
Science 3 Year 7 are following the CAB Science mastery curriculum where depth of understanding is facilitated through stimulating practical work and regular demonstrate tasks. The 3 main sciences are covered in 4 modules of work. The topics include “Life processes”, “Particles”, “Chemical Reactions” and “Energy”. Through our demonstrate tasks and specific reflection time we give the opportunities for the students to master these topics before the final module assessment.
PE 2 Students complete a plethora of different sports that aim to promote healthy active lifestyles, team work, critical thinking, coaching, leadership and analysis.
Computer Science 1 Computer science is a core subject within key stage 3 at the academy.  Students study a variety of units which ensure they:

  • Can understand and apply the fundemental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation
  • Can analyse problems in the computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems
  • Are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.
Geography 1 In year 7  Geography we learn: – Geography Skills, Plate Tectonics, Changing Economic World
History 1 The focus for year 7 history is ‘Empire and Rebellion’ within which students will study three different periods of history.

Firstly, Roman Britain where students examine the growth and development of the Roman Empire in Britain.

Secondly, Islamic Empire where students examine the growth and development of the empire along with scientific advances that the Islamic Empire created.

Finally, Resistance and Rebellion where students examine how slavery started and then explore the resistance and rebellion against the slave trade.

Religious Education 1 There are 3 Modules of RE: Which are introductions to our 3 largest community Religions,

  •  Christianity – Who was Jesus? What did he teach? Why did he die? What happened after he died?
  • Islam  – How did Islam begin? What did the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ do? How do Muslims follow the 5 pillars? What are the 3 beliefs?
  • Sikhism – How did Sikhism begin? How do Sikhs show commitment? What did Guru Nanak teach? What is the Khalsa?

Each module focuses on the key beliefs and some moral stories and teachings from these faiths.
Students may get the opportunity to study some Buddhist Philosophy too.
The last Module of the Year is Citizenship.

Spanish 1 The Spanish Curriculum in Year 7 is divided into four modules. We aim to focus on delivering fun, innovative and engaging lessons to provide students with basic skills for interaction while consolidating learning through extended writing.

The topics covered are:
Personal information and character descriptions
Classroom routines and everyday language
Food and drink

Art/Product Design/Catering 1   Art: You will study the work of different artists and learn and practice a range of drawing, painting and printing skills and techniques

Design & Technology: You will develop skills in Design, Electronics and a range of Resistant Materials such as wood and acrylic.

Catering: You will learn about Health, Nutrition, Hygiene & Food Preparation and use your knowledge to create a range of sweet and savoury dishes.

Music/Drama 1 Drama: Students are introduce to the world of the theatre. The students will initially have workshops based around: sound, lighting, staging, props and set. During the second term students will begin to develop their theoretical and practical understanding of characterisation and role-play
PSHE 1 In PSHE in year 7 topics will be introduced. There are 3 core themes in PSHE:

1. Health and wellbeing
2. Reletionships
3. Living in the Wider World

PSHE makes a significant contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development.