‘Every child has the opportunity to go to university, choose their career and improve the world.’

At the City Academy we aim to ensure that every child has the opportunity to go to university, choose their career and improve the world. To this end, we ensure that our curriculum creates opportunities for students to show the grit to be self-motivated and resilient, to have pride in their work and their achievements with the ability to be show team spirit as kind, responsible and caring people. We know that in order to achieve freedom for students in the future, all students must be inspired to aim for their own gold standard and must squeeze every drop out of their learning.

Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 is centred on a broad curriculum offer that gives students the opportunity to learn a range of subjects and skills that will benefit them in the future. Every student will have a lesson of English and Maths every single day and have a range of Ebacc subjects including Science, Humanities and Spanish. Students also have lessons in Art, Drama, Catering and Music and are encouraged to take part in the 2 performances offered each academic year.

In Key Stage 4 students are able to make some choices including whether to continue with a language and which Humanity they would like to learn alongside other academic and vocational options.

It is our belief that this broad and balanced curriculum provides the exit ticket for all students to gain the freedom of choice needed for the next stage of their lives. The Academy is willing to offer subjects that do not appear in performance tables if this is in the best interests of a student.

In order to form citizens who can improve the world, we have a systematic aspiration and enrichment programme for every child to enhance our curriculum. This includes a trip to a university for every year group, inter-university days at KS4, weekly PSHE lessons and subject learning visits.